MAST Rewari Center

The garment training at the Rewari center has a production unit. The women at this center get orders from outside businesses and they are able to make a living within the center after they graduate. They stay at the production unit for about a year and then set up their own businesses at home.  The Rewari are inadvertently doing an entrepreneurship training. Many of our graduates from our center now go to this center before starting their own businesses.  It’s great to see the program in action and the energy of the youth and the instructors.


MAST Rewari Center Interview


Q&A session with the Beneficiary Translation (MAST Center in Rewari)

 Bhawna:  what have you learnt at this center and how did you come to know about this program?

Beneficiary: I have learnt a lot by joining the center -beauty courses and other soft skills. I learnt about this through a friend of mine, who benefited from the training (beauty courses and stitching) and hence I joined to learn and be independent.

Bhawna: Why did you join this center and not other centers?

 Beneficiary: My friend told me about the good learning’s and how the training is very useful and we even get a diploma (certificate of graduation) on completing the course

Bhawna: tell us about your family members and what they do?

Beneficiary: I live with my mother, father, brother and sister-in-law. My father has a shop and mother is homemaker. My brother works in the Army in Ladakh region and my younger brother is studying.

Bhawna: What do you want to achieve in life?

Beneficiary: I want to do a government job and be independent; stand on my own feet and not depend on my family or anyone.

Bhawna: Do you think this job/work/training can help you achieve your dreams?

Beneficiary: Yes, I am positive, as I have learnt a lot by being part of this center and working with others (trainers and colleagues). I practice these skills on a regular basis at home and feel confident about my work and getting a job, which I like.